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Hello again, thanks for making it a little bit further into my site.

I’m Lizzie Heather, a freelance copywriter and content marketer in the UK enjoying life on the windswept fringes of the Lizard Peninsula.

Then to Now

Cradled in the corner of the sofa amongst dust-speckled beams of sunshine, with a cushion behind my back and my head buried in a book, my love for stories, for words, began as a child. Absorbing every page, I fell deeply in love with these adventures, floating down the Amazon on a wooden canoe, hiding in the treeline of secret islands and committing myself wholeheartedly to a future of witchcraft and wizardry (my letter from Hogwarts never did come).

Growing older, my fascination with words only intensified, picking apart their meanings and muddling over their origins. It wasn’t just English that intrigued me. One of the most formative moments of my life came at the end of an otherwise unordinary school day. I had forgotten my pencil case in a classroom, and as I wandered down the empty corridors, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sound of two French teachers chatting away en français. Hovering outside the doorway, I was utterly mesmerised by the speedy repartee that made not a jot of sense to me but was totally familiar to them. It was a gateway into another world for me, and I never looked back.

Later studying History and French at Lancaster University, my love of adventures and words led me to a year abroad in Poitiers, France (months of what seemed liked agonisingly slow progress and lots of excruciating mistakes, before becoming assez bonne) and travels around the world. Now with 6 years of content marketing under my belt and a string of successful campaigns behind me, I use my love of words and pernickety approach to grammar to help others achieve the best results for their businesses. Be it starting from scratch with brand identity, cracking out some great content for your blog or delivering a multi-faceted social media campaign, I’m your girl.

The Other Great Loves of My Life

Of course, I couldn’t complete an ‘About Me’ section without mentioning two of the other great loves of my life: my dog, Fatpot, and the sea.

Cathartic and fierce in equal measures, the sea runs through my veins and there’s nothing I love more than floating spread-eagled on its surface, diving beneath turquoise crests and twisting around to watch the sun pierce the water in refracted shards, before drying off under the sun and watching the roll of waves for hours. By the sea I have made my life: writing, reading, photographing and pursuing my love of all things ‘outdoors’.

As for Fatpot (an unfortunate but totally loving nickname that stuck – she really likes food), she’s not too bothered about all that, but she does like walks (sometimes) and cuddles (all the time). Oh, and food. I couldn’t imagine life without her.

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