A Cornish Resolution

The lead up is huge. There is a flurry of activity, of plans, of promise. A whirlwind of people and places and prosecco. If you are lucky, you might be invited to parties. If you are lucky, you might remember them. Left, right and centre focus is shifting and suddenly all eyes are on the year ahead, there is hope and expectation and design.

And then, suddenly the New Year is here and you find yourself out on the coast paths. You brace yourself against a biting easterly wind and listen as waves crash and roar on the beaches below. Everything has slowed down. All the rush has led to this moment of calm, out in the embrace of Cornwall’s wild, unrelenting beauty. And that’s the best bit.

Out of the fantastic chaos of Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve comes January, and with it a Cornish resolution. Far from unrealistic demands, January in Cornwall offers a time of peacefulness and reflection. The crowds have gone, the weather varies excitedly from bright blue skies to dramatic storms and everything feels stripped back.

For me, January is about getting back in touch with this diverse county and falling in love with it all over again. With the rhythm of everyday life taking hold, it is easy to lose track of what is around us. There are boundless trails, paths and streets to trace. There are rivers, beaches and cliffs to discover and rediscover. There is a new favourite bench by the sea, a comfortable seat in the corner by the window of a pub.

Whether you are embracing a new chapter this New Year or happy to keep turning the same pages, make time to rekindle with Cornwall. Give yourself a Cornish resolution and remember that beauty can be found simply by donning your boots and heading outside. Cornwall is exhilarating, it is beautiful, and it is there to explore.

From me to you, Happy New Year.

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