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Lizzie Heather Marketing Specialist and Copywriter in Cornwall
Hello and welcome. I’m Lizzie Heather, a freelance copywriter in Cornwall offering dedicated digital marketing and copywriting services.

Understanding the amount of time, effort and money that goes into running a business, big or small, I believe that everyone should have the chance to get their work out there, to be noticed. Everyone wants their business to be the best it can be, but a big stumbling block is the messaging.

How to articulate USPs? How to reach out to people? How to be visible? And how, exactly, to navigate SEO?

Whether starting from scratch with a brand overview and tone of voice guidelines, weaving technical copy into engaging text to boost your rankings through strategic content marketing or providing a multi-angled PR plan and social media management, I will work with you to create fully-tailored campaigns.

Treating your business with dedication and focus across both ongoing projects and one-off support, I will be there to find the perfect words for you.

To find out about my work and read some testimonials (I know you’re curious) have a look at my work page.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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As well as written content I can provide imagery to accompany your brand or messaging. 

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What I do

A UK copywriter based in Cornwall specialising in strategic content marketing, I work with both national and international businesses, big and small, to create engaging, results-driven copy. Covering a wide range of sectors and industries, from luxury travel to conservation to electronics, each project is completely bespoke and tailored to meet exacting needs.

Website Content Creation

Writing compelling and SEO-optimised content for websites, including homepages, about us pages, services pages, and more.

Blog Writing

Producing engaging and informative blog posts on various topics, tailored to the target audience.

Social Media Content

Crafting posts and content strategies for social media platforms to engage audiences and promote brands.

Brand Messaging

Developing a brand's voice and messaging strategy to ensure consistency across all communications.

SEO Content Strategy

Developing content strategies based on keyword research and SEO best practices to improve website visibility.

Content Audits

Evaluating existing content and devising strategies to improve it for better engagement and performance.
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